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Jess Feeds Lamb.

Jess Feeds Lamb.

Jess was the perfect photographer’s dog, she was attentive, lovable, obedient and best of all the sheep in the fields loved her, this really did stand her out in a crowd and gave me the idea of Jess feeding the orphaned lambs a bottle of milk. I had tried this shot about ten years before and failed miserably.

But in Jess everything looked in place to try the shot again. So I remember driving along the M5 going through the motions in my mind.

Jess’s owner was convinced she would be just fine, and she was, even the backdrop of the Devon countryside was exactly how I had visualised things. The moment came when jess had to hold the bottle and she did so like a child who was not going to give up her favourite toy, the lamb was never going to be a problem as the bottle was food no matter who was holding it. Just four minutes and the image was captured forever.

Five separate TV crews from different countries came to film the world’s best ‘sheep dog’ as well the image appearing in newspapers across the world’s press. Job done.


    Available in three different Canvas sizes -


    Large - 24" x 16"

    Medium - 20" x 14"

    Small - 10" x 8”



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